Find Your Spiritual Gifts

Find Your Spiritual Gifts

Do you know that you were created with purpose in mind? God designed each person unique; equipping them with incredible giftings. Sadly, many go through life unaware of this wonderful truth and plan for their life. Just imagine the transformation that would occur if the entire body of Christ lived passionately, just as God designed.

At Orchard, we are ardent about helping people find their unique spiritual giftings. We want to encourage you through this process because we strongly believe in it. If you want to find out what your spiritual gifts and passions are, below are tools to help you.

Our Recommended Starting Points:

Networking Class

This 5-week class is designed to help you discover your spiritual gifts and passions. This class is offered in the fall and spring. 

The Journey

This year-long class takes you through the process of discovering your unique story. Where you came from plays an important role in who you are and who you will become. Several classes are offered each fall, taught by a variety of teachers. 

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