Imperfect Families

Jan-Feb, 2015

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  • Imperfect Families: Make Room For Joy! - Alice Shirey
  • Imperfect Families: A Group Project - Ben Patterson
  • Imperfect Families: Love and Marriage - Jeff Mickey
  • Imperfect Families: In Dark Places - Dave Bartlett

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Imperfect Families

There are no perfect families.  None.  Not in the Bible, not in our world, none on our teaching team or in our church.  None! 

Yet, living, serving and loving within a family is a high calling from God. We want to do our best!  Families present us with one of our best opportunities within which to live as Christ-followers making a huge impact on the lives of others. Family members have a huge influence upon each other.  There are a few scriptures that relate specifically to family life (ie.  Ephesians 5) but almost every page of the Bible describes  how we should live as Christ-followers and those are the behaviors we need to take into our family life.

At the same time that living, serving and loving within a family is a high calling it is vitally important for us to understand that there are no perfect families!  There are no problem free families described in the Bible and those of us on the teaching team definitely don’t have problem free families. There are no perfect families within our church.  We all want to strive to be our very best but we will all always fall short.

In this teaching series, four of our teachers will work to inspire all of us to glorify God through our current family situation and stay out of the ditches that our culture and our own narratives might have for us.

1.  Imperfect Families: In Dark Places
2.  Imperfect Families: A Group Project
3.  Imperfect Families: Love and Marriage
4.  Imperfect Families: Make Room for Joy

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