Stories from the Seats

May, 2015

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  • Stories From the Seats - Bradley Rees
  • Stories From the Seats - Brian & Geselle Steenhoek
  • Stories From the Seats - Jean Bennett

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Teaching Schedule

  • August 25

    Community Center: Jeff Mickey
    Sanctuary: Dave Bartlett
    Grundy County: Brian Steenhoek
    Waverly: Jesse Henkle

  • September 1

    Community Center: Doug Tensen
    Sanctuary: Karla Chestnut
    Grundy County: Brian Steenhoek
    Waverly: Alice Shirey

  • September 8

    The Gathering: Jeff Mickey

  • September 15

    Community Center: Alice Shirey
    Sanctuary: Jeff Mickey
    Grundy County: Dave Bartlett
    Waverly: Doug Tensen

  • September 22

    Community Center: Dave Bartlett
    Sanctuary: Doug Tensen
    Grundy County: Alice Shirey
    Waverly: Jeff Mickey

  • September 29

    Community Center: Doug Tensen
    Sanctuary: Alice Shirey
    Grundy County: Jeff Mickey
    Waverly: Dave Bartlett

Stories from the Seats

We believe that by learning how God works in the lives of others, we more clearly see the way God works in our own. Starting next week, listen to stories from the lives of people who attend Orchard Hill.

May 10
Jason Haddeman; Sanctuary
Jean Bennet; Community Center
Brian & Geselle Steenhoek; Grundy Center
May 17
Bradley Rees; Sanctuary
Brian & Geselle Steenhoek; Community Center
Scott Bennett; Grundy Center
May 24
Doug Egesdal; Sanctuary
Bradley Rees; Community Center
Jason Haddeman; Grundy Center

Bradley Rees is one of our college worship leaders. Bradley's story includes a tough journey with cancer as a college student and his learning to trust God.

Jean Bennett is a self-proclaimed over-achiever. Her story includes a painful divorce that led to a deep understanding of God's redemption and grace.

Brian and Geselle Steenhoek are new to Orchard. Brian is the new Host Leader in Grundy County. Their story includes personal brokenness and restoration; ministry successes and failures.

Scott Bennett’s story highlights how God used personal circumstances, cultural happenings, and His Word to help Scott come to faith while in his 30s.

Jason Haddeman has a story of radical conversion to Jesus. Jason has come to understand the deep grace and healing of God, and as a result, he enthusiastically invites friends and family to church. 

Doug Egesdal encountered Jesus in his teens, but it was after he was married with a son when Doug became serious about following Him. God used mentors, community groups, and Sunday services to strengthen his faith through a heartbreaking season of life.