December 2015

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  • Why the ‘Word’ Became Flesh - Brian Steenhoek
  • Why? To Win the Final Battle - EdBaker
  • Why? Jesus Came to Show Us God’s Glory - Alice Shirey
  • Why? Jesus Came to Remove Fear - Kurt Vander Wiel
  • Why? Jesus Came to Be Our Savior

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Teaching Schedule

  • April 28

    Community Center: Monica Bass
    Sanctuary: Kevin Zabel
    Grundy County: Stef Rohler
    Waverly: Kevin Cummer

  • May 5

    Community Center: Jesse Scholten
    Sanctuary: Stef Rohler
    Grundy County: Monica Bass
    Waverly: Holly Matthias

  • May 12

    Community Center: Kevin Zabel
    Sanctuary: Holly Matthias
    Grundy County: Jesse Scholten
    Waverly: Monica Bass

  • May 19

    Community Center: Dave Bartlett
    Sanctuary: Alice Shirey
    Grundy County: Kurt Vander Wiel
    Waverly: Brian Steenhoek

  • May 26

    Community Center: Brian Steenhoek
    Sanctuary: Live Stream
    Grundy County: Jeff Mickey
    Waverly: Dave Bartlett

  • June 2

    Community Center: Alice Shirey
    Sanctuary: Kurt Vander Wiel
    Grundy County: Brian Steenhoek
    Waverly: Jeff Mickey


Remember the excitement and the anticipation you felt as a child waiting to tear into the present wrapped up under the tree with your name on it? You’d waited for days, weeks, maybe even all year for one special gift you wanted more than anything and believed would bring happiness, joy, maybe even change your life. Now imagine if you or your family had been waiting for such a gift for 5 years, or 50, or 500. Chances are - you may have forgotten what it was or why you even wanted it in the first place.

Two thousand years ago, angels announced “Jesus’ arrival on earth.  Many who heard this message had been waiting expectantly for hundreds of years to receive this “good news of great joy.” But many others had long ago lost hope it would ever come, forgotten what they really longed for, or even exchanged their desire for something else.

Advent is a season for remembering what it is we most want and why we need so desperately for someone to bring it to us. It’s a time for renewed hope, restored desire and expectant anticipation of the arrival of this most longed for gift.

In their message to the people, the angels remind us not only of the gift that God gave us 2,000 years ago, but they remind us of several reasons why this gift was and is so important and precious to us today. Join us as we explore the angel's’ message and what it has to say about why it was so important to Jesus to leave his seat of privilege and power and enter our messed up, broken, violent world and live among us. You’re invited to leave your fear behind and experience the glory of God, His peace and His gift of salvation as we prepare with great anticipation for the arrival of Jesus.