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Ministry Highlight: Hymn Sing

hymn sing

What is your favorite hymn or worship song? What makes it meaningful to you? We would love to hear your answer to that question at this year’s Hymn Sing at Orchard in Lincoln Center (18891 Q Ave, Grundy Center) on Sunday, September 15 at 7 p.m.

Rachel Henkle, host leader at Lincoln Center, is passionate about singing hymns and singing them with younger generations. “I love new worship music, but something powerful happens when we learn and sing the great hymns of the past. They can build bridges between generations, teach us deep truths about God, and link us with the millions who have sung these songs before us.”

Worship leader Sarah Rueber, who helped lead last year’s hymn sing said, “People came together from different age groups, backgrounds, and churches. The hymns gave us a sense of community and a common bond.”

This year’s theme is This is my story, This is my song. Along with requesting your favorite hymns and worship songs, you will have a chance to share why they are meaningful to you. The hymn sing will have something for everyone: hymnals, four-part harmony, organ, and even drums and guitars. No one is too old or too young to enjoy this night of worship. We hope to see you there!

If you would like to get your request in early, email Rachel Henkle (rhenkle@orchardhillchurch.org) or visit her blog (tatteredhymnal.blogspot.com) to answer this simple question: What is your favorite hymn or worship song and why?

Ministry Highlight: The “Netflix” of Bible Studies

 Right Now Media

Orchard Hill Church subscribes to RightNow Media, an online video resource with thousands of Bible study sessions for kids, students, and adults that Orchard playfully terms the “Netflix” of Bible studies. Users may access RightNow Media tools and resources for spiritual growth on computers, iPads, and mobile devices.

Small groups at Orchard take advantage of the free Bible studies. One of Orchard Hill’s six-week fall small groups will focus on parenting, making use of Rightnow Media’s resource entitled “Sticky Faith” by Kara Powell. Laura Hoy, staff member at Orchard, listened to so many teachings in one day while doing house projects that she felt like she just went to a conference.

“Since subscribing, we’ve heard stories of people from our congregation who listen to these studies while running on a treadmill,” said Kris Hoskinson, a member of Orchard’s staff team.

RightNow Media offers free membership to regular Orchard Hill Church attendees. Benefit from a variety of teachers in the body of Christ, including Francis Chan, Louie Giglio, Lisa Terkeurst, John Ortberg, and many more!

If you consider Orchard your home church, visit our website to request a subscription invite (www.OrchardHillChurch.org/rightnowmedia).

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