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Two Ways You Can Pray For The Gathering

The Gathering

The Gathering, one of the most exciting and impactful services of the year, is coming up on September 8. God has worked in powerful ways in previous years through this event and our anticipation is that this year's Gathering will also be an impactful morning.

The foundation for an event like this has to be built on God's leadership and the community we have together as part of the Body of Christ. Therefore prayer is a really important component of preparing for these services. There are two ways you can be part of the praying for the Gathering – praying during the next 2 weeks for the requests listed below and/or coming early (8:45) to the Gallagher to pray with others before the services begin. If you have questions, you can contact Sally Baker sbaker@orchardhillchurch.org or 277-7920.

Things to pray about for the Gathering:

  • That the weather will be good, especially for the college lunch which will be outside.
  • That people of all ages and from all our campuses coming to the Gathering will have a powerful sense of unity and Christian community.
  • That all the technology details and components will come together smoothly and work well.
  • For those who are volunteering as parking lot attendants, ushers, greeters, and 'behind the scenes' helpers.
  • The nurseries – for the volunteers and for the children feel comfortable in a new place.
  • That those leading 'up front' in the services will be empowered to give a clear vision of God's direction for the future and inspired to lead in meaningful worship.
  • A prayer of thanks that OHC can be a "city on a hill" in the communities we serve and that as we share the bright light of the Gospel it will transform the lives it touches.

Ministry Highlight: Midwest BASIC Camp

Midwest Basic Camp

For more than forty years people from Orchard Hill Church at Lincoln Center have been counselors and campers at Midwest BASIC Camp. This year’s camp was at Pine Lake Christian Camp in Eldora for 6th-12th graders.  Forty teens and 12 adults participated in the camp from July 15-19.

The theme for this year’s camp, I SERVE—God and Others, was a change from themes in years past.  Randy Diekan explained, “The idea was for everyone to understand that by serving others they wereserving and honoring God for the ultimate sacrifice He made for us on the cross.”

Each day the teens worked on mission projects, serving low income families or special needs adults. Projects included cleaning up brush, mowing yards, handing out free bottled water, and painting homes. They also wrote encouraging letters to missionaries and service men and women and made Bible verse cards for boys at the State Training School.

One camper commented, “I’ve never worked so hard for no pay, and smiled the whole time!”

On Thursday the teens were bused into Eldora to operate a free car wash, hand out free watermelon, and offer to pray for people.  The word spread and people lined up to get their vehicles washed.  Many students and staff were able to pray with and for people. 

Randy commented, “Watching groups of teenagers pray with individuals was a very powerful picture.  This change in how we do camp was powerful and touched the community.”

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