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Ministry Highlight: Orchard Hill East

Orchard Hill East

Smile and nod like Marcus, throw your hands in the air like Kristeen! Say “I know, right? It is going to be amazing!” like Kerri, or just stand in awe like Luke. Orchard Hill Church is taking Kentucky by storm!

People at Orchard have experienced fun and faith together on large-scale camping adventure trips for years, traveling to places like Glacier Basin (Colorado) and Baker Park (Minnesota).

You might be asking, “How did they choose Kentucky?”

“I am glad you asked,” says Mike Brost who will lead Orchard Hill East. “This decision came from an awesome team working, praying, and discerning the location of Orchard’s next adventure trip.” Team members volunteered to research three parks in various states. After sharing their findings, they reached a consensus.

Mark your calendars now and remember to request vacation time! Orchard Hill Church heads to Kentucky Dam Village State Park from July 13-18, 2014. This trip is designed for people of all ages to have fun and share faith together, so bring yourself or bring the whole family!

Look for registration info this fall. Until then, email Mike with questions (mbrost@orchardhillchurch.org).

Orchard Launches NEW Responsive Website

New OHC Responsive Website

A Fresh New Look!

Orchard launched a brand new website this week geared toward mobile users. Studies show that over 50% of all local search is done on a mobile device. So it is important to have a great web experience for everyone, whether they are using a traditional desktop, a tablet or a smart phone.

Our brand new website was designed to look great on your computer, your iPad, your Android phone or whatever device you use to access it. The new site will respond dynamically to that device by customizing content, resizing images and reordering the layout adding to a great viewing experience.

The new site is not only for our members and regular attendees, but also geared toward those who are looking for a church home. We strived to offer a welcoming experience for online visitors so they can be well informed before they even step foot in the door of our church.


  • Beautiful and simple design

  • Colorful & fun images of our church and its people

  • Simple and informative content

  • Easy & efficient site navigation

  • Responsive and customized content based on device

  • Fast loading

Visit Us Online

Please check out our new site at orchardhillchurch.org and leave us a comment on what you think of it.

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