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Live Streaming of Easter Service


Sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan. At least that is what some found out on Easter morning when circumstances kept them away from Orchard Hill’s Easter service. Whether traveling to visit family or staying home because of illness, many were able to participate in the service because of live streaming.

One user shared via Instagram, “Not really how I saw our Easter morning working out. But I am so glad that @ohchurch streams the services so that we can still participate. Reminded of a verse to the early church ‘For where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am among them.’”

For the past several years, Orchard Hill has been live streaming both their Christmas Eve and Easter services. “At Christmas, two families who were at Covenant on Christmas Eve thanked us for doing the important work of streaming,” commented Dave Bartlett. “Watching a service live helped them stay connected even when in the hospital.”

Numbers of those who logged on to watch the feed have continued to grow each year. It is another way technology has helped us to reach beyond our walls.

“I'm struck by the number, giftedness, and enthusiasm of the staff, leaders and volunteers who, because of Jesus' resurrection, devote hours and energy to share the good news with so many in our church family, community, and online,” shared Jeff Mickey, one of Orchard Hill’s three Senior Leaders. “I just feel compelled to say thank you.
I am so grateful to be part of this church.”

To watch the teaching from Easter, please visit orchardhillchurch.org/media.

Square One: A Six-Week Overview of the Bible


Many of us find the Bible intimidating. Sometimes it seems too overwhelming or unfamiliar to read by ourselves. Recognizing this led Sally Baker to create Square One, a class which gives an overview of the Bible. This six-part course is designed to be a way to wade into the Bible and get your feet wet. The lessons present the content of the Bible chronologically so that you can get a sense of the continuity and flow of the text as a whole.

“I wrote the materials for Square One about 20 years ago because I really felt God's urging to do it,” commented Sally Baker. “I had come to realize that most people, even if they have been in the church all their lives, really don't have a sense of how all the parts of the Bible fit together into one amazing whole. I passionately believe the Bible's message can intersect with our own lives in powerful ways and the more we engage with it, the richer our conversation with God becomes.”

“The narrative from Sally is outstanding,” said one recent class participant. “She explains in such a way that makes parts of the Bible very clear that weren't before.”

If the Bible intimidates you or you’d simply like to engage with it more, then join Square One and expect to gain understanding of the Bible, tools for personal study, and suggestions about how to apply its teachings to your daily life.

“I was excited to hear Sally Baker explain, with her incredible teaching style in this fast-pace review of the Bible, how God’s faithfulness is the same for His children now as it was 4,000 years ago,” shared another class participant. Participants appreciate the timelines, lists of people, event summaries, and Biblical themes Sally unpacks while she sets students up for further study after completing the class.

The next Square One class is starting Wednesday, April 5. Register online at orchardhillchurch.org/squareone. Cost: $5 for materials.

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