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Daily Scriptures Celebrates 7 Years


Engaging in the Bible is one of Orchard Hill’s strategic ways of accomplishing our mission: To help next generations encounter and follow Jesus to bless a broken world. One of the primary ways we reflect regularly on God’s Word is through Daily Scriptures.

August 29 marked the 7th anniversary of Daily Scriptures, which started back on the day of the 2010 Gathering. The Daily Scriptures arrive via email to the computers and phones of well over 1,500 subscribers every day, reaching even more people through Orchard Hill’s website.

Each daily entry contains a short passage from the Bible accompanied by questions and observations that encourage readers to reflect on what’s being said – and to respond through their actions and thoughts.

“We've posted a Daily Scriptures entry for every day since the 2010 Gathering, a total of 2,605 entries,” said Clint Wrede, who along with Alice Shirey, leads the Daily Scripture effort. “We've read scriptures from 23 of the 27 New Testament books and 26 of the 39 Old Testament books. Several of the New Testament books we’ve read through 2 to 3 times. We've also read at least part of all 150 Psalms (And in perhaps another year or so, we'll have read all of all of them.)”

The entries often track along with the Sunday-morning teaching series, and sometimes they guide the readers straight through a particular book of the Bible. Weekend entries are often taken from the Psalms and the Gospels. Along with Clint and Alice, the team of writers also includes Ed & Sally Baker, Maribeth Boelts, Jessi Brogan, Andrea Pingel and Michelle Meyer.

To read or subscribe to the Daily Scriptures, visit our website: orchardhillchurch.org/scripture.


Picnic in the Park


On summer Sundays in Waterloo’s Lincoln Park, passersby see children coloring with chalk, throwing footballs, playing bean bag toss, and simply enjoying each others’ company.

This summer marked the ninth summer in a row members of Orchard Hill Church have joined members of Harvest Vineyard Church and the community downtown for a free meal and worship celebration on the first and third Sundays of each month, June through September.

Picnic in the Park has allowed Harvest Vineyard and Orchard Hill to be a welcoming presence in the Walnut Neighborhood outside the four walls of our churches. Together, the two churches practice the hospitality and the love of Jesus by reaching out to neighbors through a meal, fellowship, and worship in Lincoln Park.

While the team typically serves about 225 meals, these Sunday morning gatherings provide more than a hot meal. Picnic in the Park provides an opportunity to begin building relationships with people you might not otherwise meet.  "It's important for families to eat together around the dinner table,” remarked one regular attendee at the picnic. “And Picnic in the Park is just one big family eating together in the name of Christ."

Orchard Hill believes God strengthens our partnership with Harvest Vineyard and people living in the Walnut Neighborhood through Picnic in the Park.

For more information about the partnership in the Walnut Neighborhood, please contact Laura Hoy or visit linkccd.org.

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