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Grundy County Open House Shower


The keys to the new building were handed over, but the space was empty. Soon families and friends would come together to worship God, but before that happened, the building needed to be furnished.

With an ever-increasing list of needed items that seemed overwhelming, an idea was tossed out to have an Open House Shower for the new building. The list soon became
a registry where families could purchase items or donate money toward specific items.

“Wow! Our Open House Shower attendance was fantastic and the gift registry ‘blew up’ with the generosity of so many,” exclaimed Karen Freed. “The excitement was high as people selected items to be used in our ministry. God is good and it has been a true JOY to be a part of the transition into our new space...Praise the Lord!”

The items ranged from mop buckets to TV carts, from dry erase markers to signage for the building. There were gift options of a variety of price points so everyone who wanted to was able to participate. Each campus was invited to visit orchardhillchurch.org/grundy/party to view the gift registry and purchase an item. Then they could either ship the gift to the church or bring it to the open house. Monetary donations given toward specific items were also received.

“It was fun to hear stories from people on why they bought certain items on the list,” commented Jenn Venenga. “There were some definite passion-driven gifts and people were excited about what their items would be used for.”

Over $20,000 in items and financial gifts were received, but there are still items needed for the new building. If you would like to donate a gift or give money toward an item for the new building, please visit orchardhillchurch.org/grundy/party to view/purchase wanted items or contact Karen Freed at mlkfreed@gmail.com, 319.239.5625.

Waverly Cafe


Every Wednesday night, people gather at Vineyard Community Church in Waverly for a free hot meal. Waverly Cafe is a partnership of four local churches and the Northeast Iowa Food Bank targeting the real, but often unnoticed, under resourced population in Waverly. Vineyard Community, Grace Baptist, Crosspoint and now the Waverly Campus take turns preparing and serving the meal.

“Our family has enjoyed eating at the Cafe. We get to enjoy a meal and meet people,” said Jesse Henkle, Waverly Campus Pastor. “It's also a great opportunity for our church to partner in the Waverly community with the other churches.”

Over a year ago, the Waverly Campus was asked to join this partnership by serving one week a month, but at the time it was decided there were not enough volunteers with the campus just launching. However, after helping serve a meal as a family Christmas project, Scott and Amanda Schara responded to a call from God to start a cook team. Now people from the Waverly Campus invest in others by serving on the first Wednesday of the month. “It is important to us to do something that is bigger than the both of us and our family,” commented Amanda Schara.

“God led us to Waverly Cafe to in order to help fulfill their mission and ours. We get to serve the community with not only our family, but with our amazing church community and other generous churches in Waverly.”

Everyone is welcome to come eat at the Waverly Cafe. Meals are served from 5:30-6:30pm on Wednesdays at the Waverly Vineyard Community Church. Come to serve or just come to eat. There’s a place at the table for you! If you have questions or are interested in serving on this team, please email Amanda at amandaschara@hotmail.com or call her at 319.721.2502.

Follow Waverly Cafe on Facebook at /WaverlyCafe1.

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