What is the mission of Orchard Hill Church?

Helping next generations encounter and follow Jesus to bless a broken world.

Does Orchard Hill have a regular or main teacher?

Orchard Hill Church uses a team of teachers in its Sunday morning services: Ed Baker, Dave Bartlett, Alice Shirey, Doug Tensen, Kurt Vander Wiel, Jeff Mickey, Juli Camarin and Brian Steenhoek. These teachers include staff and one volunteer teacher. On occasion, others outside our core teaching team will teach. It is our belief that multiple gifted voices from different family situations, ages, genders and experiences provide our congregation with healthy and strong teaching from God's Word.

Who is Orchard's Senior Pastor?

Orchard Hill does not use a senior pastor model of leadership. At one point in our history, Ed Baker was our senior pastor. As we moved toward being a gift-based church, we discovered that the Body of Christ is to be organized around God-given spiritual gifts and passions. We have transitioned to a form of leadership which acknowledges and celebrates the gifts and passions of our leaders. Ed then moved into a position which better utilizes his spiritual gifts. Currently, Doug Tensen, Brian Steenhoek, and Jeff Mickey are the Senior Leaders of Orchard Hill. We continue to identify and celebrate the gifts and passions of our congregation and staff.

How is Orchard Hill Church led?

Orchard Hill is led by a team consisting of two groups of servant leaders. Our Leadership Board is a group of mature men and women, affirmed by the congregation of Orchard Hill Church, who provide the legal and fiduciary leadership to our congregation. These servants of Christ speak with one voice as they give guidance to the ministries of our church.

Our Senior Leadership Team is a group of three mature followers of Christ who provide operational leadership and day-to-day implementation of ministry to the mission of Orchard Hill Church. Brian SteenhoekDoug Tensen, and Jeff Mickey serve as our Senior Leaders who give leadership and vision to our Leadership Board, staff, and congregation. 

What is this idea of two campuses?

During the school year, Orchard Hill Church has seven Sunday morning services on three different campuses meeting at five different locations. Four services are held each Sunday morning at our Cedar Falls campus in both the Community Center and the Sanctuary; three services are held each Sunday at our Grundy Center campus, two of which meet at our new location in Grundy Center, and one service meets at Lincoln Center Church in rural Grundy Center; and one service meets at the WSR Middle School in Waverly. Orchard has joined with a growing group of churches who are finding that God has called us to reach the mission He has given to us by meeting on three campuses, 44 miles apart. We are truly one church on three campuses. We share teachers, leaders, musicians, mission and budget.

Where is Orchard Hill going in the future?

Orchard Hill has six vision statements that will lead us into the future. These include:


Every individual attending OHC will continually and consistently grow spiritually to become more like Jesus


OHC inspires a spiritual environment in which our people feel connected to one another and to God


OHC attendees are convinced of Jesus' commandment to go into all the world and witness the gospel by helping people come on the arm of a trusted friend


OHC successfully reaches each next generation for Christ


OHC provides development for leaders who will impact the Church for years to come


OHC provides for staff, ministry leaders, and volunteers the resources and tools needed for ministry.

Why does Orchard Hill partner with so many other churches and organizations?

We take the prayer of Jesus in John 17 very seriously. We believe that we are called by God to help be an answer to this prayer for unity within the body of Jesus. We also believe God sometimes works best through the partnership of different churches and organizations. We believe that God desires for us to recognize that all Christians in the Cedar Valley are spiritually one Church. We are called to place allegiance to Jesus far above any allegiance to a local church.

How and where do I sign up for an event, trip, or class?

To register online for an event, simply visit our online registration page and fill out the form corresponding to the event you want to register for. You can also stop by the Event Center each Sunday to sign up in person at the church.

How do I become a member at OHC?

OHC offers a Membership Class four times a year. This class is an opportunity to learn about Orchard Hill Church in a classroom setting where you can ask questions. There is no pressure to join following this two-week class, but it will give you an idea of Orchard's mission and decide if our church is a good fit for you. [ Read More ]

What does OHC believe about Baptism?

Baptism is an important step in one's journey of faith. As one of the sacraments, baptism is a physical sign of a spiritual truth. At Orchard, we want to encourage you in this wonderful life event so there are many opportunities for you to be aware of. [ Read More ]

How to get connected in a small group?

At Orchard, we believe that small groups provide a great environment for building relationships while encouraging one another in our faith journey. Here's how to get connected... [ Read More ]

Cedar Falls

3900 Orchard Hill Drive, Cedar Falls
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Grundy County

1800 G Ave., Grundy Center
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501 Heritage Way, Waverly
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