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Kingdom Service

Orchard Hill's mission is 'helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ'. One of the ways we live out this mission is to follow Jesus into service, showing God's compassion for all people. We see Christ serving in the following ways, and desire to follow His model of Kingdom Service.


Jesus shared grace and truth while inviting people into new life in Him.


Christ cared for the whole person in the way he served them.


Jesus worked to reconcile people back to God and one another through a relationship with Himself.


Jesus cared about developing people; His desire was for us grow to be the person he created be and share the gifts he's given us.

Kingdom Service is one of Orchard's Five-Year Strategic Themes...

These themes have come by writing down what we believe God has been doing and what He wants to continue doing within our church family over the next five years. It is our intention to discover God's will for our church and then cooperate with Him by investing our time, energy, teaching and financial resources in these areas.

This fall & winter, our teaching series wiill focus on each of these themes.

Our Themes...

Passionate Faith — pursuing Christ and His good life (God's kingdom) — September

Kingdom Service — following Christ into service with God's compassion for people — October

Transforming Friendships — investing in relationships to increase faith — November

Impacting Families — developing healthy families that change the world — January