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Orchard Hill Vision

We want you to know who we are as a church.  We want you to know because our hope is that you will not just attend on Sunday mornings, but that you would find a place to grow and serve Christ with passion.  This teaching series is our attempt to pull back the curtain and let you take a look.

Orchard is motivated by the mission and vision that God has given...

... to the church over the past 30 years. These came to us over time in a sense of discovering who God wants us to be as a congregation.   God has been at work helping us discern and discover what the passions are in the hearts of the people who make up Orchard. It’s very important for us as a church family to be really clear on our church mission and vision together, so we can understand they are really about discovering what God wants for us.

Here’s how we put our mission and vision into words these days...

Mission (what we do!)

Helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ!

Vision (emotion packed picture of how we do the mission)

Transforming lives for Jesus within and between 5 communities—Haiti, Mozambique, Walnut Neighborhood, Grundy County and the Cedar Valley.

5-Year Strategic Themes  (themes we believe God wants us to emphasize in next 5 years)

Passionate Faith, Impacting Families, Transforming Friendships, Kingdom Service

During these last two weeks of August...

... We’ve asked several of our teachers to come and tell us what inspires them about this mission that God has given to us.  I am eager to hear what they have to say. We hope you will be inspired to pick up a paddle and serve Christ, to give your resources sacrificially, and to change the world as we pursue this vision for our church.