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Jump In

Jesus’ early followers were eager to be on mission with him. But before they really got going, Jesus left them.  Having spent 3 years with Jesus, they knew they wanted to keep his movement going. But how? And how could they possibly lead others on this journey? There was still so much they didn’t know or understand.

Jesus had the answer–the Church. He sent the Spirit and the church was established to lead, equip, encourage, and empower Jesus’ followers to continue advancing God’s mission.  

The book of Acts tells the story of the beginning of the church. This historical account reveals 4 primary pathways used by the disciples to grow and help others grow in their knowledge and experience of God’s abundant life and love and share that same life and love with others. As members of the church - we are Christ’s hands and feet. This series identifies and explores how we can “Jump In” with the Holy Spirit today, at Orchard, into these same 4 streams and be immersed in God’s river of life and love that is his mission - to help next generations encounter and follow Jesus to bless a broken world.

We’ll unpack these 4 primary ways for you to jump:

Engage the Word
Belong in Community
Invest in Others
Worship God

If you’ve come to Orchard wanting to know how you can more fully experience God’s abundant love and life and how you can help others discover that love and life – this series is for you! This is Orchard Hill's strategy to help you do this. And we’re encouraging you to think and pray about “jumping in”—taking one next step—in one of these 4 streams.