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St. Irenaeus said “The glory of God is a human being fully alive.”

God wants us to be fully alive, in relationship with him, and participating in the work he is doing in the world. This brings God glory and brings us great joy and purpose. To do this, we need to grow in knowledge of both God and ourselves. These two kinds of knowing are like opposite sides of a balance scale; to have one without other leads to an off-kilter life. To have one without the other can damage our ability to love ourselves, our neighbors, and God.

Knowing God can deepen our knowledge of ourselves. The more we know God the clearer we can see what he is doing in the world and we can watch for ways to join in and work with him. The more we know God the more we can trust ourselves to him and to his care.

Knowing ourselves can deepen our knowledge of God. The more we know ourselves the better we understand our unique role in God’s work, the more we can experience God’s love for us and the more we can enjoy who God created us to be.

We invite you to join us for the next 5 weeks while we explore these questions:

  • Where am I in the spiritual journey?

  • What kind of story is God writing in and through my life?

  • How do I uniquely interact with God?

  • What are my God-given strengths and gifts and how do they help me know God better?

  • What about my weaknesses - how do they help me know God better?