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The Wisdom Within

It sometimes seems that we know all there is to know about the Christmas story, doesn’t it? We’ve seen Charlie Brown’s Christmas and we’ve heard Linus read the familiar story… but what if - in our familiarity - we’ve been missing things? 

What if there is fresh wisdom within the story of Jesus’ birth?

We believe there is and that is what we will explore during our Advent teaching series!

During these 4 weeks, we will think about why Jesus came as “the light of the world” into a time of deep darkness. We will consider why Zechariah was forced to be silent when he learned of his wife Elizabeth’s prophetic pregnancy. We will learn about the wisdom carried to the manger by the three wisemen. And we will ponder, along with Jesus’ mother Mary, some of the deepest mysteries of the faith.

We hope you will join us this Advent season for our teaching series The Wisdom Within.